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B’sha’ah Tovah

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Dear Readers,

As you can see, we are expecting, and soon, G-d willing!

When we find out that someone is expecting, it is Jewish custom to wish that person a “B’Sha’a Tovah,” as oppose to “Mazal Tov.” When we wish someone a “B’sha’ah Tovah,” we wish them that the blessing which is now concealed comes to fruition at a favorable or propitious time. When we wish someone “Mazal tov,” it means that they have already experienced good mazal or flow of blessing. Since the baby hasn’t come yet, we do not jump the gun by wishing Mazal Tov.

In Judaism, we are careful not to presume anything before it happens. There is also an idea that blessing comes in more concealed forms. Accordingly, it is Jewish custom not to celebrate nor prepare for the baby too much before it is actually born. This is why most observant Jews do not have baby showers or set up a nursery beforehand. (This last one has been hard for us!) This is also why observant Jews may not find out the gender of the baby, or if they do, they typically refrain from announcing it until the baby is born.

For these reasons, the “gender reveal” trend is not a Jewish thing. My friend recently sent me a picture of someone who set up her future baby’s entire nursery, with his name on the wall, while she is still pregnant! Announcing the baby’s name before a bris for a boy or at the Torah reading for a girl is also not a Jewish custom. We must remember that these customs reflect the fact that a soul is coming down into this world- it is a serious thing and the process should be respected and cherished.

As we spoke about privacy last week, I hope you appreciate my decision to keep the pregnancy private in this forum thus far. I will be taking a break from the holy work of writing for this site to attend to the holy work of mothering, G-d willing. In the meantime, I want to thank you for being a loyal reader.

Although I will be on “break,” I hope you will stay connected to Jewish learning. Please check out the Resources Page on my website for other great Jewish sites and learning opportunities!

All of our blessings should be revealed at the right time! Love, Jenna

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