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What Is Tisha B’Av?

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Not many Jews know what Tisha B’av, the greatest mourning day on the Jewish calendar, is. In my article in The Skribe, I explain not only what Tisha B’av is but how it is relevant to our lives.

After I wrote the article, my teacher Sara Rigler taught that since the Second Temple was destroyed through baseless hatred, the only way to rebuild the Third Temple is through unconditional love. In Jewish thought, there are concentric circles of love, and we are meant to start from the innermost circle outward. That means we need to focus on showing unconditional love to our husbands, siblings, and parents, before our friends, community, and the world. To proclaim love of the people in an outer circle without showing true love of the people in an inner circle, says Sara Rigler, is to profess false love.

Though Tisha B’av only comes once a year, we can initiate the rebuilding of the Third Temple at any point by showing unconditional love those closest to us (which of course can be the most challenging).

Read more here.

Book Suggestions: Tears of Hope, Seeds of Redemption, Building a Sanctuary In The Heart Resource Suggestion (for married women): The Kesher Wife Club

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