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Getting The Best WiFi in Prayer

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Imagine you got a chance to meet with Prince William and Kate Middleton. Imagine if during the meeting, you pulled out your phone to answer a text. You would never do such a thing! So how much more so should we put away our phones and put aside our other mundane distractions when we are “meeting” with the King of Kings, G-d Himself.

Like our cell phones need bars, or Wifi, for good wireless communication, our kavannah which is Hebrew for intention, concentration, and devotion, determines our quality of connection when we pray to G-d. We might be praying, but because of our distracted thoughts or even our character defects, there could be static. The Rambam says, for instance, that even saying Lashon Hara, gossip, can create a barrier in our prayers to G-d!

Our Sages used to meditate for a full hour before beginning to pray. We may not be able to do this, but we can attempt to stop and focus before prayer. We can think: What have I done this past year, this past week, or today, that might separate me from G-d? Can I apologize for it now? Can I put away my phone and other distractions so that I can focus and pray with a full heart?

Source: Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D., Twerski on Prayer, p.11

Book Suggestion: Twerski on Prayer (brings to life the deeper meanings behind the Jewish prayers with Chassidic teachings and stories)

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