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God Is Our Father and Our King

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Avinu Malkeinu, Our Father, Our King, is a main prayer that we say during the High Holidays. On Rosh Hashanah, which is Hebrew for “the head of the year,” we celebrate G-d as King of the World. The Hebrew word for world, “olam,” also means “hidden.” In this physical world, G-d “hides” from us in order to preserve our free will. We must choose to make G-d King of our worlds. Rosh Hashanah is perhaps the greatest opportunity to do this.

It is hard for us to relate to a King today, but G-d isn’t just our King, He is the Father of the Jewish people. As Jews, our relationship with G-d exists by default. It doesn’t matter whether or not you think you are a “good” Jew. Any child, no matter what he does, is still his parents’ child. Our relationship with G-d already exists; what matters is how we choose to live that reality. We should take great comfort knowing that the King of the World is also our Father Who loves us and wants what is best for us.

Source: A Dear Rabbi in L.A. Who Wishes to Remain Anonymous

Resource Suggestion: Power of Speech (This free app has powerful 5-minute daily classes on faith called “Emunah Daily,” by Rabbi Ashear. His past classes have already been transcribed into two books: Living Emunah and Living Emunah 2. Rabbi Ashear’s app and books are a great way to begin to understand emotionally what it means for G-d to be both our King and our Father, as he tells amazing, mind-blowing stories of G-d’s Divine Providence.)

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